Apps and Websites

Other than LOGO (yes, that LOGO) I am a self-taught programmer. I make apps mainly as a hobby, although Creature Viewer was a gift for my son and it's based on his idea. I am looking to develop more over time, and one day I'd like to venture into making a few professionally as a side gig. My iPhone apps are programmed in Swift, Apple's new programming language. Swift lends itself to coding stable programs, and it generates apps that are lightning fast. Check them out if you have an iPhone, I use them all the time!

  • ChemE Calculator - A powerful tool with a simple interface for running VLE and steam table calculations on your iPhone or iPad, or for doing unit conversions. Check out the App Store link or the ChemE Calculator home page for more information.
  • Kitchen Guru - Six different tools that are useful in the kitchen to help make a great meal. Includes recipe search, unit conversion, scale-up and a roasting time estimator. Check out the App Store link or the Kitchen Guru home page for more information.
  • Creature Viewer - A website for kids that saves names, pictures and facts about different kinds of animals. Kids can add to the creature list by uploading a picture and entering information about the creature. This is my latest project and I am just starting to dive into the world of web development. A goal of that site was to make it fast and efficient.

I hope you find something you find useful on this list!